Our Team

As the saying goes, alone you are only half as good as your team!

And that's why we tackle every project together. We?

That's our team of creative and innovative minds who want to make the world a little better through upcycling projects.

That's us:


Kerstin founded the BAG TO LIFE brand in 2010 and the B2L Upcycling Agency in 2017. With her great imagination and wealth of ideas, Kerstin has been changing the world of upcycling for 13 years!


As a former designer for gift items, Ines has found a new playground that is more diverse and sustainable. With her great experience and creativity, Ines enriches the team.


Alex brings the ideas to life. With deft hands and an eye for detail, he develops the prototypes of our projects and fine-tunes them until the product is perfect. Whether building furniture or sewing a bag, Alex can do it all!


Our marketing specialist, Lucia, knows how to use words and images to get messages across effectively. Creativity and communication with customers are in her blood.


Kathrin gives the products that certain something, because the material alone does not make a fully-fledged product. With her broad knowledge of materials such as zips, buttons and much more, she creates the perfect combination and thus develops a coherent product.


Petra is our organisational talent. She keeps track of the processes and is there to help and advise our customers if they have any questions. With her eye for detail and her accuracy, she ensures that the products are perfect before they go into the shipping department.