Upcycling is our passion.

 It all started during a flight. While watching the safety instructions, Kerstin Rank asked herself: “Why not upcycle the life vests?".
 The material is high-tech, lightweight, durable and obviously waterproof. A perfect basis for bags and accessories. Through her research she knows that life vests must be changed every 8-10 years. A big source for a big idea. So far, after 10 years of experience, we’ve managed to save more than 135.000 kg of life vests. This makes BAG TO LIFE to the leading brand for upcycling bags and accessories of original high-tech materials from the aviation sector. For 10 years now, our back to life cycle "B2L", has been synonymous with the sustainable transformation of the aviation industry. Following numerous requests from clients to develop customized upcycling products from company materials, we decided that it is time...

...to found the first upcycling agency! 


With her great imagination and wealth of ideas Kerstin has been changing the world of upcycling for 10 years. Kerstin is the founder of bag to life.


A visionary with a sense for form and colour. In combination with his business management background, Thomas is an outstanding concept developer.


As a former toy designer, Ines has found a new playground that is more diverse and sustainable than her previous one. With her great experience and creativity Ines enriches the team.


Details make the difference. Nobody knows this better than Tobias, whether it's packing the series production or being a model. He's where we need him.