From a bird’s eye view

We're adding perspectives for you!
 All in all – that's our kind of thinking!
 We're your idea creator and solution provider!
 With us you are able to find the best approach for your company because you get all services from a single source. 

We think outside the box – to fill it with product ideas for you!


our services

From material

We fulfill your need for sustainable assets. By the way, we're not solely focused on textiles, we can work with plastics, wood, paper, metal, etc., creating a solution that suits your company and your target groups. We are familiar with the markets not only through statistics, but also through working directly with them! 
Starting with:

  •  review of materials
  •  review of material streams
  •  review of production
  •  development of upcycling strategy

to the idea

Our ideas are authentic. That gives you a headstart because they confirm your company philosophy. 
We offer you:

  • product development
  • collection development
  • design
  • branding

to Product launch

The key point is that we guide you consistently through all sustainable production issues and details:

  • sustainable production processing
  • small series
  • large-scale production
  • sustainable sourcing
  • sustainable packaging

no material? no time?

no Materials

No problem! We will source a choice. 
There is a wide range of upcycling materials on the market waiting for a second life. Let's start together creating outstanding products for your needs.

no time

Nothing is impossible! We are your solution maker. 
Our standard collection BAG TO LIFE can be customized, printed, embroidered. Just share your imagination vision and ideas with us!